Website Builder

Add, delete and move elements around on your website with our builder

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Add, delete and move elements around on your website. No coding and no confusing back end options. Building a beautiful responsive website is easy. The MerchWebs Builder is responsive by nature and also gives you full control over how your website looks on mobile devices. Enjoy dozens of unique page elements and premade templates.

PayPal and Stripe Checkout

Integrated PayPal and card payments (Stripe) checkout for your customers

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Your website checkout will be integrated with PayPal and Stripe (card payments) so your customers will have full flexibility when paying for their orders

Fast Hosting

Enjoy fast hosting that will provide seamless navigation to your website visitors

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Our hosting platform is built on Google Cloud and uses its ultra-fast network and SSD persistent storage. On top of it we add our own server setup with multiple custom speed optimizations.


Provide Support

Talk to your website visitors through a live chat that will be easily accessible on your website

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Your website will come integrated with a live chat which provides an easy way for your website visitors to talk to you. You don’t have to worry about late replies, there’s  mobile app you can downalod so you can receive notifications for new messages and reply to them.

Search Engine Optimization

We make your website visible on search engines like Google so your customers can find you

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You want your website to be visible on the top of Google searches. That’s why we will optimize its content to make sure it’s easy to find on search engines.

Daily Backups

Enjoy daily backups of your website and restoring to old versions with 1 click

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We automatically save daily backups of your entire website. Backup restore is the fastest way to resolve unwanted issues with your website.

Unlimited Pages

Create unlimited pages for your website and manage menus easily

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Design your pages in real time and see the results instantly. Create and customize your pages using intuitive visual controls. Edit menus easily.


Customize and sell many products available in our catalog to generate revenue

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Choose products to customize from our catalog, add them to your store and start getting sales. We will only print and fulfill your merchandise when someone makes an order on your store. You won’t have to worry about order minimums or unsold inventory.

Premade Templates

Pick from many already made website templates and customize them to your preferences

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We provide already made websites that are ready for importing and editing. You can also save sections from a page so you can add it later to another page when needed. Full flexibility when it comes to importing, saving and replacing elements.


Premium Support

If you ever need help for managing your website you can always contact us

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For some using our services can be a bit confusing when having a first glance at the dashboard. That’s why you can always contact us about any questions you have or problems that might occur.

Website Maintenance

Your website is being monitored by our team to ensure its best performance

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We will make sure that your website doesn’t run into problems or crashes overnight.

Free Domain

Choose a free domain for your website and we will connect it for you

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Enjoy 1 year of free domain registration. We will connect your domain to your website for free.

Advanced Analytics

View advanced analytics, reports and useful information about your website

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See real-time and recent activity, gain insight into your visitors, and analyze your wesbite performance, everything in one place.

Staff Accounts

Create staff accounts so more people can work on the website and manage it

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Want other people to work on your website as well? You can add unlimited staff to your admin dashboard and restrict their access to certain features. For example you can add a staff account for a website editor; you can restrict their access to they can only customize your website.

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